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  1. There’s a new christmas update and it doesn’t work for me any help?
  2. Thanks bud ?? didnt notice caus the picture was still the same as the old one, thanks again
  3. Hasnt been updated still? @Primo can you give us any idea of when it will be updated, its been 7 months and i miss this game
  4. This hasnt been updated in nearly 2 months, i dont think they will update it, maybe because its not popular like ldoe, which is regularly updated
  5. Lmao no need to be rude, its a service and for those paying they still dont receive it, also you still profit off the ads that i watch, even when the game doesnt work, i appreciate that its free but all i said is that we have waited, no where did i say we demanded it or in any way attack or put down the people behind the scene, sorry you interpreted my comment in a different light than i wanted it to come accross in, sorry again ?