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  1. Last 3 days, I have try to download on superinstall but won't work. Now I'm done! Finally got a game yahh😂. Tips: frequently visit site & iced sack on your head🧊🤬.
  2. Does anyone have a crash problems on mod menu? Mine does 😂 EDITED: solved, just us anti jailbreak tweak On the other hand if you were facing "app" crash(not mod menu like me) first check your ios if above ios13.3 try to set your iDevice back to normal state, but if problems still happen considering by superinstall(it should help)
  3. Ahhh look like I may need to purchase superinstall due direct install doesn't work on my ios version lol, wasting 3 hours for nothing 😂
  4. Thanks again @Cz1993 for your hardworking bro. Now I have no doubt to fully support this site, as long as you keep update for us🙏
  5. This is why I'm paying for 6 months subscription because you should consider waiting period of time that included. Haha but it's fine, I can wait for my good moments of hacking pubg match 🤗 Thank you for your hardworking & keep updating for us @Cz1993
  6. 30 minutes banned either both methods don't work. Please release more stable anti-ban for us. Thanks ahead for your hard working 🙏
  7. Same here, I accidentally killed highlighted player with aimbot over 300m & blind shot 😂
  8. I just got first 10 min ban by using antenna code but only magic bullet totally work fine over 20 matches