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  1. Modded/Hacked App: FIFA Soccer By Electronic Arts Bundle ID: com.ea.ios.fifamobile iTunes Store Link:https://apps.apple.com/us/app/fifa-soccer/id1094930513 Features: - Noob Goal Keeper ( no weird walking GK) - Noob Defender - if possible other currencies ( which is server side so we understand) Jailbreak or Non-Jailbreak: Thanks!
  2. It is crashing when i entered login credentials and tap login. Any one have same thing ? Or any one have solutions?
  3. i have used this hack for 3rd month and today i used unlimited sp for like 10 in row and after that I received this. So if you really love your account then uninstall this hack or be ok to be ban, i looked online, people are saying i saw this 164 hr and then 1 month and then permanently without letting to play.
  4. I installed and tried, unlimited special 3 attack works fine but DISABLE ENEMY skill DOES NOT WORK. I uninstalled cleaned with i cleaner and installed back and still doesn't work. Can you checkout?
  5. @Cz1993: when are you going to update ?
  6. This side just take weeks for updates and in that time we will be always loosing a lot of ge rewards. Other then that it's worth
  7. @Cz1993: new version 20.2 is out. Please update thank you
  8. For me this version is very unstable: it was working few days and suddenly it started crashing game when logging. And i reinstalled and it work for few hours and suddenly disable special or unlimited special stopped working even it is enabled. Reinstalled againworked few hour and now it is crashing on login.
  9. It always will took months to update and its already time for another version release
  10. @Cz1993 please update this hack to latest 21 v
  11. @Cz1993: first of all thank you for this hack bro, Quick question; is this hack supposed to block both enemy and me or just enemy?