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  1. Everything you say is irrelevant to the topic, it does not matter to me whether you have a president or not, or you have a personal life or not You are a helper, we are a subscriber and a request for help and clarification regarding the update, and you respond to the subscribers with confidence @Primo said:Keeping people informed is the last priority especially if they’ll get mad anyway. Thank you anyway I appreciate all the effort of @Cz1993
  2. Please open Telegram channel to communicate Can anyone open it ??? !!!
  3. Please open Telegram channel to communicate Can anyone open it ??? !!!
  4. All affected subscribers must be compensated We did not receive the service that we paid for (anti ban)
  5. The only helper last visit 22 hours ago For this reason, there is no response to our messages I am on the site more than you are 🤣🤣
  6. @Cz1993Update the game first and secondly update the code What is the use of the code for a game that is not safe thank you just say something Gives users hope to wait
  7. Two weeks remain for Season 14 and the ban update has not been released... There is no official comment, no information
  8. When the new update come ..? ايمتى ينزل التحديث الجديد؟
  9. PUBG Last Circle Ban Bypass Method

    It’s work...?????
  10. في باند حاليا ١٠ دقايق وبننتظر التحديث لجديد من اربع ايام