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  1. Whenever i drag the ipa into cydia impactor it shows error 71, and i think you said to create a new info.plist? If that the solution how to create it with xcode should i drag the info into a new project? Thanks
  2. يعني مثلا؛ الساعه 11:00 الى 11:30 تقدر تنزل ويكمل التحميل وياكم مايوقف .. بس الساعه 11:31 الى 11:59 ماتقدر ، وقيس على باقي الساعات نفس الوضع
  3. Buy another server dude, we’ve been waiting a long time and paying for a bad service and it’s always overloaded!! Soon enough it will crash and You will lose most of the customers if you didn’t try to solve every issue!!!
  4. still can’t download since you’ve released it, i can see the problem has not been solved yet .. it would been better if you waited and released without any issues!! hopefully you would fix everything ASAP!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻