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  1. I found a new way to not get a ban. Play with the new method in a squad or whatever you like. Don’t use the magic bullet and don’t turn the mic on because when it’s on you will hear yourself from the clean one in the other device and I think that make the anti-ban detected. I played around 10 matches. It’s safe so far the only think that you have to know after those steps you should restart the game and do the steps again. Good luck 👍🏼
  2. So is it safe ? Cuz I did similar to it but not the same steps. If yes, so do I have to do that every match ?
  3. I tried method 1,2 and 3 with not using the menu ALL NOT SAFE, I am so disappointed. I was waiting for a long time to get this version and now nothing work!
  4. I played again with a guest account and I got banned with not using the menu. I will try now other method and I will see just wait for me. What is this ?
  5. I played without using anything I didn’t even open the menu I just started the game and then I got banned for 10 minutes then I played again and I got banned for 7 days. !!!
  6. Imagine that from the first game I got banned. The new version is a piece of sh!t.