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  1. Everything is over. As for talking about the same topic, there is no response and no response. We must search for something new !
  2. You say thank for what..everything does not work here. just The codes and the installation problem has waet for months 😂😂😂
  3. The season is over and I have only played 3 days with cheating, and I have not received any response to the messages. I do not want any response. I just want to download the game. Fix the direct and super installation.
  4. The service here is retracting, there is the ban, the problem of inability to install, and the super has been suspended for a long time and not responding to VIP messages ...
  5. When a person gets some money, he does not have time to answer, but when he needs money, you find him doing everything and he answers you just to pay. This is what I find really unfortunate.
  6. I do not know whether the subscribers here do not deserve to give them a copy for direct or super download. The answer is yes, these copies are for store owners only F
  7. Something funny a little bit where do we put the code and there is no version haha :)