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  1. can anyone help me get the app it says cant conect to apple api
  2. It won’t let me download it says can’t connect to Apple API what the hell does that mean or how do I fix it has been like this for damn near 2 1/2 years now and when I first started using this app I had paid for the membership and that was all wasted because I never got to even use it and I’m trying to get it to get so then I can re-purchase it but if I can’t get it to download im not gunna purchase it
  3. It won’t let me download this it says can’t connect to Apple API I don’t know what that means I’ve been struggling with this for over a year and a half two years now I had paid for all the membership and everything and had it for a month and something went wrong to where I had to delete it and reinstall it but it wouldn’t let me reinstall it I would really like to try this app out but I’ll give it another chance but I just don’t know how to get it on my phone I have a iPhone SE second GEN With iOS 15.1
  4. Wish the app would reinstall Haden’s for 5 mounts
  5. My IAPCRACKER2 +20

    Coo how do I get lol