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  1. Turns out it was that my account was banned due to use of this hack, guess the risk is high but also random or maybe just a matter of time before its found out and banned by Nintendo. I lasted 3 whole seasons though...?
  2. Error Code with the Notice : Mario Kart Cannot Be Played With This Account & Restarts....How to fix this or is it that using this hack got my account banned? Any advise would be appreciated.
  3. Hi, is there a way to undo or discard or edit the gold coins I have? I accidentally had the coin thingy checked and now I hav 400k+ gold coins is there some way to get rid of it all in one go? ( Not spend it out over a long period) A proper solution? I’m supposed to originally have about 3900 gold coins not 400’000 gold coins ? Please help!?