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[Global] PUBG MOBILE - Mad Miramar v0.18.0 [No Recoil/Spread]+[X-Ray Slider/Switch]+[Anti Ban] [iOSGG Menu] [V4]

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1 hour ago, waelll said:

I have a suggestion for the developer to use the copy development


 First of all, the hacked version of pubg is great compared to copying other sites, but it needs some additions to be a great copy

 We will not talk about safety because you know me how to put the appropriate copies ..

 The important thing is, I tried a copy of a young Shotter and a Chinese version of the Secretariat, our version is nice, but if we add some modifications to it like ...


 Know the locations of the tools that we need in the game, such as the presence signs of treatment, armor, helmet, weapon, in addition to the location of the airdrop and its weapon.


 Seeing enemies behind the wall without penetrating the bullet in the sense of setting up a system like the radar but in another way like putting a skeleton or physical lines for those who hide behind the walls or who are with me in the same house and seeing them simply and knowing their movements.


 The advantage of knowing the presence of vehicles alike to avoid adultery and the like by marking vehicles that are about 400 meters away from us


 It is very important if we put information on the enemies we face, such as the amount of blood remaining from it, the type of weapon, and more importantly, the solution to the problem of herbal dress whereby in our current version, any enemy who wears this type cannot see or locate it.


 Setting alerts in the event that the enemy approaches a distance of not less than 200 m, whether from the front or the back, because there are positions that put the player in a critical position in the event he addresses those in front of him and does not know with focus who is behind him.


 Hold on to the magic bullet

 And adding a single shot, this I found it in one of the hacked versions, and safe conditions must be put in place to use it so that the account is not exposed to the item


 More importantly, finding a way from my opinion will be a distinct addition, which is playing in a specific way, which is by using one mobile or one device and dispensing with the two devices without using the docking system, and if it is necessary, the docking is required before the plane takes off

 This is what I have now ..

 Greetings to all

Haha.. seriously.. u want this hack same like (SharpShooter official) PUBG hack site? 😂😂😂

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10 minutes ago, jeckie87 said:

هاها .. بجدية .. هل تريد هذا الاختراق مثل (موقع SharpShooter) PUBG الإختراق؟ 😂😂😂

I don’t know what is funny, the development is important. I don’t say we want like Sharp Shot. I want our penetration to be lacking, so we know that our magic bullet is a distinct addition, but there is no objection to increasing the features.

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3 hours ago, waelll said:


 @ Cz1993













 如果敌人从前方或后方接近不少于200 m的距离,则设置警报,因为在某些情况下,如果玩家向前方的敌人靠近并做出反应,则会使玩家处于关键位置不知道谁在他身后。








First, make safety 100%. The rest is empty talk

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