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[Global] PUBG MOBILE - Mad Miramar v0.18.0 [No Recoil/Spread]+[X-Ray Slider/Switch]+[Anti Ban] [iOSGG Menu] [V4]

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3 hours ago, ElkingAbood said:

The guys who complaining in every fockin comment because of hack detected are the saaame fackin guys who thankk @Cz1993when he released the new version , they think pubg hack can be release within a second , they dont have any idea on how much process the hack should go through it before it released to be safe for thousands of people at same server , they dont know @Cz1993have a war with apple because of revoked certificates and he fix it , they dont know how much a programmer or hacker suffered from codes to make a safe anti fakin ban , they only need to play allll game and kill every enemy using every code all in one to win the game ,,, I think @Cz1993get sad because of ur bad comments toward him but you must know making one version is very hard on apple non jaalbreak , beside Tencent select the perfect programmed in the world to be sure that all player must play normally , so keep quit if you dont know any thing and just claiming about ur money . DONT PAY THE HACK and put ur money in ur pocket and play normally if you can !! But am sure when he release the new version all expired people will renew the VIP and once hack detected they will keep claim again forever!😏😏😏


thank you @Cz1993and pls give me super VIP because this speech 😂😂

ياخي كل تبن بس ولا تتفلسف النسخة اساسا من اول مانزلت مضروبة


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