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PUBG MOBILE By Tencent Mobile v0.12.5 [No Recoil]+[X-Ray]+[Cheat Engine]+[Anti Ban] [New Hack] [V5]

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3 hours ago, Ram3shs1709 said:


People like you guys abuse the hack and let tencent find the hack and ban others too. 

I play 7 days a week with minimum 5 kills. I play normally. I use only head aoe shots. I don’t need to kill 15 or 20. I play normally just for fun but i dont abuse havk. Guys like you create a problem to other hack users too. 

Play normally guys 


As far direct install vs ipa:

i found that 10mins ban is from report. I just got twice from bronze to ace because i dont abuse the hack. Both install options worked well for me. 

Still if people need direct install then make sure who use it does not affect the ipa installers too in playing the game. 

If yes, please go for ipa installation too

people can afford to use friends pc or laptop to install hack or use cyber cafe. 

Thanks guys

please do not abuse hack. Play normally like human brings. We can xray. U can see enemies. Its more than enough. 

When i see enemies i tell my team mates that i think i can see an enemy’s at certain locations and they kill them. ;). 

If u want play normally just play clean version bro. Playing this hack is ready to take risk of ban. Just ignoring that people abuse the hack. 

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Im with ipa ✋?Only One match i used head shot antenna killed 16 in ace ranking and nothing happened 

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