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PUBG 0.10 - IGG Aimbot - No recoil - new antenna - DLG new No Grass and Tips

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On ٣‏/٢‏/٢٠١٩ at 12:35 AM, H021 said:

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1. I dont use DLG antena because it is too ugly. I only used IGG antenna, but with this, we can not see enemy if he wear Ghillie Suit, But with small change of IGG code we can see him:

Range 0x20: 88.50576019287 

Nearby  87.27782440186

nearby 1

change the value end with 8 to 400 (In past we change the 8th to 300 or 400)

Now we can see him if he has a gun in hand.

2. DLG no grass (Relate 3th tip):

Ulong 0.000005 and change the 3th value to 1 (with iphone) or 1.5(with ipad).

In past we change to 1, but with this value we can not see anything, maybe not completely good with a beautiful game like PUBG mobile.

3. When will we start shot:

With 1th and 2th tip: We can see enemy maybe far (max ~ 300m), but when we start to zoom and shot, we'll see sometime we can (if clear), sometime we not (if they behind tree, leaves or rock..).

And we decide shot or not. These things make you look like other normal players.

4. Dont shot too far or blind shot:

I tested over 20 accounts from bronze to diamond:

If we shot enemy through leaves, bush (blind shot) with distance over 150 m, you will be banned. Sometime immediately sometime in the end of match.

if you can see enemy without: slider. xray or "no grass" code...You can shot and kill enemy (safe no ban)

With 2th tip, when we zoom the scope, we will see everything like grass, rock, leaves, tree...

5. No recoil (old code but still effect):

Nearby Range: 512

Still testing, landing first, not work in lobby. Need to do Step 2 every match, if not,  you'll cant play

Step 1:

- Scan [F32]: 50

- Nearby [F32]: 200

- Nearby [F32]: 0.5

- Nearby [F32]: 40.0

- Nearby [F32]: 0.3

- Scan [F32]: 0.3

- Batch all to [F32]: 300 

Clear all result

Step 2: (Must do every match, in waiting place)

- Scan [F32]: 1

- Nearby [i32]: 10000 (Caution: I32 not F32)

- Nearby [F32]: 100000

- Scan [F32] : 1

- Batch all to [F32]: 0.001 (you can change this value for your sensitive, someone use 0.007)

6. Aimbot

Land and got gun in hand

range: 0x20 

all f32

search 3.5

nearby 1

nearby 200

nearby 20

nearby 0.5

batch all 999

New codes?:

this code i get form android gameguardian sript...work with  IGG you can try it

need to be test couse i cant test it right now

headshot mode :

set nerby to : 0x512

search F32 : -88.66608428955

nearby F32 : 26

search F32 : 26

 change all to F32 : -460


 search F32 : -88.73961639404

neaby F32 : 28

search F32 : 28

change all to F32 : -560


search F32 : 9.201618

nearby F32 : 30.5

nearby F32 : 25

search F32 : 25

nearby F32 30.5

change all to F32 : (chose one of them)

1. 89 = 70 % hs

2. 200 = 80 % hs

3. 210 = 90 %

4. 251 = 99.99 %




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