Use Old IPA If Hack Has Not Been Updated, Without Having To Update


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-after you have downgraded game/app

-search filza/ifile for file path:  /var/containers/bundle/applications/xxx

(xxx as being the folder of the game/app)

-in the game/app folder, check the file "iTunesMetadata.plist" for a string with the version of the game/app. if there is one, edit the version to the updated iTunes version.

(sometimes there aren't any string of the game/app version in "iTunesMetadata.plist". If there isn't any then skip this step.)

example: old game/app version 1.2.3 ------ New game/app version 1.2.4

change the string of the old game from 1.2.3 to 1.2.4 in "iTunesMetadata.plist"

-next, in the folder where you have the "iTunesMetadata.plist" file, there should be a folder xxx.app (xxx as game/app title)

(note* some game/app may not have this folder titled as the game/app. check all folders for the following file.)

-check inside that folder for the file "info.plist".

again check for the string with the game/app version, edit the same way you did with "iTunesMetadata.plist"

and that's it. install the working mod and you are good to go

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