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  1. Introducing the Super Install System [New way to install with NO REVOKE] Q. What is "Super Install"? A. "Super Install" is a new way to install the IOS application or games on your device. the signing mechanism is different from ordinary signing. The probability of revokes is much and much lower than that of "Direct install". Q. What is the difference about "Direct install" and "Super Install"? A. The Direct install use the shared certificate to sign the Apps/Games but the "Super Install" is using a personal certificate which is different for everyone. Q. Is "Super Install" free or paid? A. The new Super Install is a paid service, due to the cost of Apple certificates and dedicated servers, so it will cost $14.90/Year for device. Q. Where to buy "Super Install" Key? A. You can find the "Super Install" Key in the Store, but currently its not available. Q. What to do if "Super Install" apps/games is revoked? A. There is only very low probability to get revoked, but if it does happen you can contact administrator to replace your certificate for FREE. Q. Can i use "Super Install" for my own apps/games? A. Currently its not available but we will add this feature in the future, Or you can post in the REQUEST TOPIC, and we'll add the app/game as soon as possible! Q. How to use "Super Install"? Here we use the graphic tutorial for more details. Step1. Go to in the post, if is supported you can find the "Super Install" button in the hidden content. Step2. Tap on the button and will open a new page, then tap on GET. Step3. Tap on Allow, Install. Step4. Enter you passcode, the code you use for unlock the device. Step5. Tap on install and install again. Step6. If is the first time here you have to input the Key which you can purchase from the store. Step7. Now tap on GET again the system will start signing your application for your device. Note: The signing process may take from 30sec ~ 10minutes, depend on the file size. Step8. After process done, you will see a popup and then you can install the app on your device! and.. Thanks for supporting our iOSGG Community, fell free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions! Credits: iOsGG.com
  2. We are working on the super install system, will be ready soon!

    stay tunned!

    1. Primo


      Will be freaking cool 😎

  3. 无法安装游戏

    Currently the certificate was revoked, will fix it soon
  4. All games currently is revoked, will fix it soon.

  5. Revoke detected

  6. Problem with vip account

    You have to reply in the post for vip section
  7. Now working to fixing all games, all games download link will be working in some hours.

  8. The meaning of the video is to turn off the network and enter the settings - Safari - clear all cookies then you will be able to open the revoked app. i havent tested yet, if someone want try this later can let me know if works or not.
  9. Everyone dont uninstall the app and then follow this tutorial can make revoked app work



  10. Revoke detected again..