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  2. g** (inappropriate word)nsjs g** (inappropriate word)nsjs
  3. وش السالفه يربع علمونا اشتراك ماستفدت من ولا شي بالله عليك افيدونا
  4. لا شرح ولا كود ،، الهاك متعطل ،، انطر لين ما يحدثه المطور
  5. Agreed. It's just plain rude that he locked the thread without a warning. Now everyone is confused and wondering what the heck we should do now I still have faith in him but it gets thinner each passing day when we don't hear a thing from him We are paying for what he sells, we deserve his respect as subcribers and I think he should have the decency to at least tell us what's going on
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