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  2. يربع انا دقرت عند ابي اطلع رقم سري موقت من ابل ايد كيف
  3. ياشباب ممكن تفيدوني عندي مشكله لمن احمل اللعبه عن طريق برنامج سيديا امباكتور من اللابتوب يطلعلي خطأ ( file; http-win.cpp; line: 182; whats: problem with the SSL CA cert ( path? Access rights? ) Pls f some one know how to fix this problem just tell plz i need ur help Cydia impactor
  4. NO BAN'v2 Pubg Mobile

  5. Vietnamese brothers please wait. because currently this international version 0.12 does not play with Vietnamese version, it means that you can download and play alone, not invite male friends to write ...
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  7. Then there is the question all want to know: about the VIP time wasted. when the problem is solved, i will find a method to compensate everyone. 

  8. هربتي عيوز الهاك 💔🙂 

  9. متى يرجال ذى كذاب كل شوي يقول اليوم ولا حصلنا منه فايده لازم اخش موقع ابل عشان يعطيني رمز تفعيل لازم
  10. Next times signed you guys just can install the anti-revoke and then the games installed on the device will not be revoked.

    I think from next month everything will be ok.

  11. I can help anyone as much as I can download the game through the computer. Simple and easy steps. You need the Cydia DirectorOutions, the temporary browser from Apple, and download the game from the site.
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